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AutoStitch Image Stitching SDK for Custom Mobile Apps

As a mobile application developer, you can save valuable development time and money by integrating the high performance AutoStitch Software Development Kit (SDK) into your custom mobile apps. Available for iOS and Android platforms, the AutoStitch SDK allows mobile users to conveniently create high-resolution extra large/panorama format images. Pioneered by computer vision experts, this patented technology has been tried and tested by hundreds of thousands of users. Simply drag and drop the AutoStitch SDK to get your mobile app developed faster than ever before. Learn more about how the AutoStitch SDK can enhance your custom app and improve efficiencies.

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In many business situations taking regular size photos using a mobile device is just not good enough. Specialized markets around the globe can vastly improve workflow, productivity, and even sales when their employees can produce accurate, high-resolution, large format images, depicting many important details in one image, from their mobile devices. The high performance AutoStitch Software Development Kit (SDK), available for iOS and Android platforms, can be integrated into your custom mobile software apps and allow your mobile users to conveniently create panorama images. Learn more about markets benefiting from this robust patented image stitching technology.

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AutoStitch for Mobile Devices

AutoStitch panorama is a fully automatic image stitcher for iOS and Android devices. This application unleashes the power of your device’s camera to create seamless large format views and panoramas. AutoStitch uses the most advanced image stitching technology available today, but it’s very simple to use. You just snap some overlapping photos in any order or arrangement, and tap ‘Stitch’. AutoStitch is designed for photographers who care about the quality of their final results; it stitches individual full-resolution camera images rather than relying on reduced-resolution video input. You can stitch any photos, including those in photo albums, those taken with any other camera apps, or photos imported to your device from external cameras. iPad iPhone Android


Cloudburst Research brings together established world-class computer vision experts. Their team includes Professor David Lowe of the University of British Columbia (UBC), and Assistant Professor Matthew Brown of the University of Bath. Cloudburst has decades of experience in the field of computer vision and has developed the most advanced image stitching technology on the market today: AutoStitch. This robust patented picture stitching technology took years to refine and is available as a consumer app for mobile devices (iOS and Android) and as a unique software development kit (SDK). The AutoStitch panorama SDK is ideal for developers and organizations seeking to develop their own custom mobile applications that include the ability to create wide format images easily using an advanced panorama stitcher. Learn more about Cloudburst Research.